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Why Bring a Mission Team to Roatan?

The day we went to the dump and saw the children and the families...

my life changed." – Casey H., Indiana

"The visit to the prison is what I will remember most and had

a tremendous impact on my life." - Chuck L., Texas



  • #1 Poorest Country in the Americas

  • Many on Roatan speak English, though some Spanish is helpful

  • Mayan civilization ruled until the conquest by Spain. 

  • 1502 - Christopher Columbus lands in Honduras. When he left he said thank God we have left these “Depths”. In Spanish Honduras is the word for “Depths”

  • The term “Banana Republic” was first applied to Honduras by the American writer O. Henry, for the influence the U.S. banana companies had at some time.

  • Honduras has the second largest barrier reef in the world

  • The main export products are bananas, coffee and wood.

  • Unemployment rate is 56%

  • The population below the poverty line was 50.7% in 2014.

  • Average income per family is $4500 • Average pay per day is about $12

  • The population is around 7.8 million (90,000 on Roatan)

Easy to Get to:

Short 2 hour flight from Houston, Dallas, Miami and Atlanta direct to the Island

Caribbean Beauty Attracts More People to your Mission Trip

Our Team Leaders find that many people who wouldn't travel to far away or harsher environments will be more likely to come on a trip to Roatan because of the beautiful tourism areas and the second largest barrier reef in the world. 

Leaders Travel Free with 10+ team members

With 10 paying team members, you get one free church worker and/or team leader at no cost for housing, food or local transportation. We want to make it easy for your leadership to come and thank them for their hard work. 

Large Variety of Mission Opportunities

We like our teams first trip to experience a different ministry site each day including the Orphanage, free/low cost Clinic, Dump Ministry and Prison, Church Planting, Sports Program, Tutoring/Mentoring at Christian School, and many more.

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