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July 2020 Covid Crisis Update

Can you help a family eat for two weeks for just $10?   We can't do it without you! In my distress I called upon the LORD; to my God I cried for help. From his temple he heard my voice, and my cry to him reached his ears.

Psalm 18:6

Roatan Covid Crisis Food Distribution Updates

Honduras, the poorest country in the America's,

 has the world's strictest and longest lockdown

at over 130 days and counting.

Please join us in praying that we can keep children and families fed.


  • 5400 Blessing Bags distributed in last 4 months

  • 200 containers of Baby formula and cereal

  • 200 Propane Certificates


Our families at the dump are the hardest hit. Recycling centers are closed. Our families continue to work each day sorting trash in the hopes they will open soon. The totals for the Dump Ministry this year so far:


  • 50,000+ gallons of fresh water and filters provided

  • Hot meals and cookies provided by volunteers to 100+ each week

  • 270 kids fully outfitted and able to attend school!!!

  • 1500 lbs of clothing and shoes

  • 150 free doctor visits

  • 22 surgeries and procedures

  • 17 sets of dentures 

Special thanks to Dave and Karen Charles and Tish and their large team of volunteers that give hundreds of hours providing and serving food and building relationships in this ministry. Thank you to all the supporters that continue to give sacrificially  in donations of materials, money and many hours of prayer to make a big impact for the Kingdom and for His glory!

Highlights & Current Projects

PRAISE: Only around 150 cases of Covid with no hospitalizations and no deaths. As reported in other Caribbean islands the climate/salt air does seem to keep cases mild.  It is a tough situation in lockdown where we are only allowed to travel one day every two weeks. Thanks be to our gracious Lord, the churches are growing through this crisis. The government is not helping the people here so the churches and missionaries have stepped up. We work with 8 churches including our church plants. They identify the most needy families in their areas and we then buy food and distribute through a different church every few weeks. We have to change location as the crowds get too large to handle. The pastors and the leaders of the churches pray for and share the gospel with each family every week. We believe providing spiritual food AND physical food is what we are called to in James 2 "15 If a brother or sister is poorly clothed and lacking in daily food, 16 and one of you says to them, "Go in peace, be warmed and filled," without giving them the things needed for the body, what good is that?" - James 2:15-16

ALCOHOL & DRUG REHAB The Roatan Rehab "Jesus is the Solution" has moved back to Coxen Hole and is in the process of renovating their facility and adding apartments. Miss Caroline just graduated the program after a life of using and selling crack. She is desiring to get started as a baker and funds are being accepted for her to begin a new life. Click here to support Dylon and God's work in changing lives. 

WIll you become a partner with Roatan Mission? 

We need your prayers, support and (very soon) teams! Current project needs for prayer, finances and mission teams include an orphanage dorm construction/ painting at the orphanage, rennovation at rehab elctrical and plumbing, sports and tutoring at Orphanage and Miss Deborah's school and construction and medical assistance at the local dump. We love seeing teams come to serve and we know that it always gives a broader understanding of God's kingdom. Housing is available for teams and families at Please join with us in praying for these and many more spiritual and physical needs. We need your support to continue! Please pray about becoming a one time or monthly sponsor!

R Church 

Our church in West Bay is meeting on Friday mornings due to a complete lockdown on the weekends. We are currently recording the service and posting on Facebook on Saturday morning. We are studying 1 Peter. After a busy season of juggling counseling and helping with food distribution and dump ministry, Tish is traveling in the states getting Heather set up for college so we are officially empty nesters now. She is returning on August 17th if all goes as planned. Please contact her if you are able to connect before she returns.

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